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Find tradesmen in our tradesman directory. Best of all find local tradesmen in your area including plasterers, plumbers, electricians (electrical tradesman), tilers, painters, concreters, fencing installers and much more.

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Home Builder Australia's Trade Directory is a great tool and will help you save time when you need to find a tradesman. Home Builders Australia Accredited tradesmen listed are specially selected based on strict recruitment criteria including workmanship and reliability. All Home Builders Australia tradesmen use premium tools, personally have signed an ethical and professional standards agreement, comply with all safety regulations and hold a minimum of $5 million public liability insurance.

Finding good tradesman can be very hard for many people, but with the trades all easily listed here in one place you will find a suitable tradesman in just a few clicks. You can get hourly rates, complete jobs and trade quotes from the good tradesmen listed on our site. As a part of our services the trades people listed on our site must be licenced in their trade and most importantly, they need to be a great tradesperson, helpful and friendly.

Tradesmen ...Are You Looking for Work?  We are currently looking to promote good local tradesmen within our tradesman directory. You must have a good work ethic and want to give your best to every client you service. If you are one of the top 20 tradesman in your local area, and you want to help people with their needs, then we want to hear from you. Contact us via the contact us page.

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Search for a local tradesman via the categories below.

Plumbing (172/453 )

Looking for Plumbers. Search the best Plumbing Contractors in Australia.

Tiling (5/77 )

Looking for Cabinet Makers? For all your tiling needs see here. Fast & Easy.

Painting (10/186 )

Compare Painters. The best Australian painters and Painting contractors. Get prices, quotes and rate

Bricklayers (69/66 )

Search Bricklayers for all your Bricklaying needs, Brick Layers and Block Layers.

Carpentry (25/194 )

Compare carpenters for all your carpentry needs.

Electricians (191/538 )

Compare the best electricians and electrical contractors.

Plastering (6/212 )

Compare Pasterers for all your Plastering needs, Plasterers and Gyprockers

Concreting (71/72 )

Looking for concreters? For all your concrete building needs - concreting costs and concreting price

Cabinet Making (68/83 )

Looking for Cabinet Makers? For all your cabinet making needs see here. Fast & Easy.

Handyman (-/3 )

Looking for a Handyman? Compare handymen and home maintenance services.

Roofing (1/150 )

Roofing Australia. For all your roofing needs compare roofers and roofing contractors.

Building Inspections (2/157 )

Compare Building Inspectors. Need a Building Inspector to do a pre purchase building inspection?

Earthmoving (4/37 )

Compare Earthmoving companies & Earth moving contractors. Find the best earthmovers in Australia.

Fencing (3/17 )

For your fencing needs. Compare Fencing Contractors and fence Builders.

Data Cabling (46/121 )

For your Data cabling, phone and internet wire up, Home networking, phone and data wiring.

Bathrooms (30/181 )

For Bathrooms and bathroom renovations compare the bathroom renovation specialists on our site.

Antenna Installation (13/161 )

Compare TV antenna installation companies and TV antenna installers.

Home Maintenance (3/6 )

Compare Home Maintenance companies and contractors.

Paving (-/2 )

Compare paving contractors & paving companies and installers.

Insulation (5/38 )

Compare insulation installers and contractors.

Renderers (3/5 )

Compare renderers and rendering companies and services.

Waterproofing (1/5 )

Compare waterproofers for all your waterproofing needs.

Water Delivery (1/3 )

Find the best Water Suppliers on this site.

Air Conditioning (8/299 )

Air Conditioning Australia. Search the best Air Conditioner Installers in Australia.

Window Cleaning (-/8 )

Looking for a window cleaner. Search the best window cleaning service in Australia.

Carpet Cleaning (-/8 )

Looking for Carpet Cleaners? For all your carpet cleaning needs see here. Very convenient.

Audio Visual (15/41 )

Search for an Audio Visual specialist for all your audio visual needs.

Landscaping (2/10 )

Compare landscapers for all your landscaping needs

Rubbish Removal (1/10 )

Looking for Rubbish removal? Compare rubbish removal services and garbage removal services.

Locksmith (2/10 )

Find the best locksmiths and lock and key specialists on this site

Bathroom Resurfacing (1/9 )

Find the best Bathroom Resurfacing companies in Australia

Shower Screens (-/8 )

For your Shower Screens, Glass Shower Screens and Shower Screen concerns.

Bin Hire (1/9 )

Looking for bin hire and skip bin hire services? Find the best bin hire companies on our website.

Lawn Mowing (-/8 )

For all your lawn mowing and lawn care needs in Australia.

Roof Painting (-/1 )

Roof painters and roof painting specialists available for all your roof painting needs

Solar (23/73 )

Find the best Solar panel installers and solar systems Australia here

Cleaning (2/5 )

Find A suitable cleaner for your house or business cleaning need.

Pest Inspections (6/10 )

Search the local and affordable pest inspection specialists on our site.

Security (5/13 )

Compare the best home security companies and contractors here for free.